I would like to use my first blog post to introduce myself. My name is Michele and the most important things in my life are my God and my family...with their understanding, especially my husband, and blessings I am able to do what I truly want to do....create! 

A while back I found myself at a cross-roads as where to take my business...after sewing and painting up a few pieces they encouraged me to continue and take it to the next level....that is how Michele J Designs came to be.

The technique and designs I use are my own and what works best for me and what I'm wanting to accomplish in design. I'm always thinking of something new to do gleening my inspiration from nature and the beauty that surrounds me here in the Warren County PaWilds and SW New York. 

You can now contact us via our website! Order directly from our site or our Etsy shop....feel free to ask questions about a product you see (or don't see...because we would love to make you a custom order)

Please sit tight as more products will be listed very soon....thank you for understanding!