If you would have asked me a year ago about the direction I was going to take I probably would have said "Hummm...I'll have to think about it" or "I haven't picked a paint brush up in years" or "But I love making treats and pet products"...but right after Christmas 2016 when out of the blue I get a message from Gretchen, the owner of a art gallery at beautiful Chautauqua Institute, just 30 minutes away. Gretchen saw a little dog sweatshirt that had "Chautauqua" on the back....one I had upcycled from a mans 2x sweatshirt.

 Long story short, Gretchen wanted several like it for her Gallery. So the search began....and I ended up with nothing. Stands to reason that the local resale shops probably don't really get to many in....I probably could have gone to California and found more than I found here. So to keep my promise that I would make pet products that say "CHQ" or "Chautauqua" I decided I would have to paint the words on tshirts I made from scratch.......and so I did...they turned out beautiful and I was thrilled. One thing leads to another...soon I was painting and sewing up our popular Scollars ....then I took on totes and wristlets. All dog and pet themed.....my daughter Stephanie said to me "Mom why don't you start making more items for people...I think you would do well with that."  So with the support of the rest of the family I decided to change things up a bit....and I am so happy I did! The response has been amazing. 

I will still be doing items for pets such as the Scollars, tshirts and seasonal coats....there is a part of me that just can't say no to all those precious little furfriends I have made over the years at Puro Pets! 

So now you know why I started on this different path of Textile Art...you never know what I'm going to come up with! Keep checking our Instagram and Facebook page for updates. 

We will be having a giveaway very soon for those who "like" our Facebook page...stay tuned! :-)