After introducing my creations to my lovely town of Warren Pa the one question that I get asked the most is..."Is that a piece of fabric or did you paint that"? The look on their faces when I tell them that yes indeed I painted it is priceless. What throws them is you can't feel any paint on the fabric. That is because I don't use paint...I use ink. The fabric absorbs the ink, or what I like to call "melts" the ink. 

I had to teach myself to "paint" all over's very hard to blend and shade like you can do with oils, acrylics. So I have taught myself to paint in layers to get the look I want.

For my detailed feathers I use the same ink but with almost a dry brush....because if you don't it will run just like watercolors. It's defently a different technique but I love the end results. I've never been one to stick to the rules of creating....I do it my way...seems like there might be a song in there somewhere! 

Step 1 - Sketching the fabric


Step 2 - Painting the background


Step 3 - Adding detail (this is where it starts getting dry of a brush you get wet you get a big happy accident .