Last Friday I woke up to some very exciting news! A few weeks ago I applied to become a PaWilds juried artisan....I've been sitting on pins and needles! Well Friday my sitting came to an end as I was notified that I was chosen to be in the Professional Level of the  PaWilds Artisan Cooperative

If you have never heard of the PaWilds, it is a group of 12.5 counties ( Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Elk, Cameron, Forest, Clearfield, Clarion, Jefferson and northern Centre.) that includes the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) several awesome state parks and of course the famous Pennsylvania Elk Heard.

Having lived in the Wilds my whole life...Turtlepoint, Smethport (McKean County) and now Russell (Warren County), I sometimes take for granted the wonderful treasure we have here. No matter where the road takes me it's always nice to come home to the forest!

I'm excited to get started on this new venture and see where it leads me...but one thing is for sure There is no place like home in the PaWilds!