and was held at the campus of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. It was a unique combination of wholesale and retail. I really didn't know what to expect but from the minute we arrived everything "fell into place". In the morning buyers for shops and trading posts came thru asking questions about my artwork. In the afternoon it was open to the public...and it was so nice to see so many come out to support the local arts! Even a surprise visit from my cousin that I have not seen in 11 years (how did that happen?!) 

I have to say we were very impressed with the staff of the Pa Wilds

We were able to meet so many artists and services from the Pa Wilds...each unique just the The Wilds it's self. We hope to attend more sponsered events this year!

We are gearing up for the upcoming season with great excitement. So many new products and ideas just for our loyal and new customers. Stay tuned for more details for the other events we will be attending this summer. But as always if you need a custom order or see something you simply can not live without feel free to contact me! The computer is always on! ;-)

Have a great day!