Every now and then you just sit back and think to yourself "was it really worth it?" In the case of our "Queen" I do believe it was. 

She took me about 50 hours to complete. But I am thrilled with the way she turned out. 

She is crafted out of repurposed wool and her feathers are a Antique Irish Linen damask table cloth. 

I thought I would show you the steps of her process:

Step 1 is the sketch...then I always start with the head, the most important part of any design!

Step 2 Working on the details of the face and head

Step 3 is making the wire armature frame, layering A LOT of wool, sculpting each layer with a needle and thread until I get the size and shape I desire.

Step 4 begins the very long, but worth it, process of sewing on by hand each feather. I wish I would have counted the number I put on her but I didn't....it was very labor intensive to say the least! 

The process continues! 

Feathers complete!

Step 5 adding the details!

Every Queen needs a crown.

....and a throne! She is complete! 

Then I decided she needed a cygnet to love :-)