After my last show I realized I needed to do a post on "Just what the heck is THREADPAINTING anyway"?! a nut shell it is "painting with thread". It is like embroidery and I do it with my sewing machine with a technique called "free motion" pre programmed unit is used. I am basically using my sewing machine like a paint brush. 

 I have to admit it was not as easy as some things I have tried but after several practice pieces I was ready to roll out some sellable projects. 

Thread painting is popular with quilt makers. But instead of taking fabric and using that as the background I actually paint mine with my Derwent Inks . Making each piece truely different from the other! An original work of art! 

Some pieces become a picture, pillow, hoop, ornament and even jewelry. The possibilities are endless. 

One of my favorites...My Little Chickadee

Always one of my favorites..My Little Chickadee!

I use vintage linens and fabrics also. These feathered fowls will probably be put in a hoop or floating frame. 

A work in progress...I offer custom pet portraits too! :-)

Even mini sized Christmas ornament filled with wonderful organic Balsam Fir...YUMMM

I do not have these listed yet but I am taking orders for customized pieces. If you are interestd in more info just send me a email or message. 

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